Upcoming Releases

Upcoming novels underway  --  or in my mind begging to come out!

Chasing Yesterday - Coming Soon!

Contemporary Romance.  Katie moves to a small town north of Boston as a high school senior and finds she has a secret admirer. What was more surprising, through their letters and messages she fell in love. They meet and eventually marry.
Twenty years later there is an old betrayal and dreams put aside driving a wedge in their marriage until her husband’s sudden death when she learns he was not the man she thought he was. Katie is torn between unanswered questions and still being in love with the man from those letters.  With the help of a repentant soul, Katie starts to find not only the journey she was meant to be on, but the path to take her back to a second chance at yesterday.

Matchless - WIP

Contemporary Romance.  When a suitable date is needed for a big family event, and to avoid her grandmother's endless, horrid suggestions, Missy Bainbridge turns to online-dating to quickly find a match.  Without knowing how to attract a different sort of man than the free spirits she typically dates, she turns to the annoyingly stuffy businessman she shares her morning train commute with for guidance.  What she doesn't realize is she is helping him instead. 

Summer of the Yellow Umbrella 

Contemporary Romance.  Emma had known her older sister Carla was meant to be a cheerleader, even by the age of eight.  Emma also knew she wasn't.  Where her tall, blonde, and beautiful sister was meant for wild parties and a line of men, Emma preferred books and charities.  All that was fine until their annual summer vacation on Cape Cod when Carla brings a surprise which sets off a summer of hilarity, romance, and family secrets that find the light of day. 

Working title: Mockingbird Island 

Paranormal Romance.  A young woman returns to her childhood vacation home on instruction from the family attorney.  The old house is on a small island off the coast of Maine that has been boarded up since that one tragic summer . . . Although alone, she finds she has many visitors as she tries to unravel what happened in the past and what this means to her future.


Scorned - The Prequel to Cursed  - TBD                                   

Paranormal Romance. Selena was not your average witch - she was something darker. But she wasn't always that way - or at least didn't want to be. Deep down she was still a woman -- and a scorned woman is trouble enough without adding witchcraft.